What’s Cut Optimizer?

An online tool for cut optimization of linear materials

It minimizes waste (scrap) and cost when cutting linear materials like pipes, tubes, bars, beams, angles, channels, cables, profiles, etc.

The workflow is pretty simple, you create project, define material to cut and enter lengths you want to cut. Then just press “Run” and the magic happens. In seconds you get the cutting scheme which you can print or export to PDF or MS Excel.

You can use it not only to do the optimization but also to organize your data into projects, have track of your materials and print optimization results suitable for your workshop.

You can access the application by clicking the following link:

Cut Optimizer Online

The cut optimizer is completely online solution. We do all processing on our servers, and since the app was made responsive, you can use it on any device, including mobile phones and tablets.

Want more?

We also prepared paid plans, that give you more power. With the paid plans you can cut more items, cut more materials in the same project, have more projects and predefined materials. You can also immediately get the total cost of the material and there is more to come. You can see the details about the paid plans here:

Premium Plans

All premium plans are offered with 7-days trial that is free. If you cancel subscription before trial expires you won’t be charged. So, feel free to give it a try and see if it suits you well.


We didn’t forget the legacy of our original MS Excel application. That’s why the UI of the new online app is implemented in the similar manner. Also, even though we have paid plans now, the original idea of the free cut optimization is still there. Basic free plan supports everything the old application did, even without creating account on the website. But, unlike the MS Excel app, the algorithm is much faster and gives better results. Not to mention that all major bugs that still reside in the MS Excel app are fixed.

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