Using Stock Quantities

In comparison to all other Cut Optimizer plans, FACTORY plan has an option to define quantities for all input lengths. Just as a reminder, the number of input lengths in FACTORY plan is limited to 6.

Handling Multiple Bar Lengths

For our FACTORY and WORKSHOP users we’ve added support for more than one input length per material. There are cases when there is more than one length of the same material on the market (e.g. steel bars are produced in 2000, 4000 and 8000mm lengths, or you can have Aluminum profiles in 288, 252 and 214 inches length). Our smart algorithm will try to find the best combination to achieve highest utilization.

Import Items to Cut in a Batch

Cut Optimizer allows import of all items for all materials at once. This feature is available to our FACTORY users only. In case you have items you are about to cut in some other system (e.g. MS Excel, exported from Tekla etc.), you can import everything you need for the whole project in a single run.

Import Items to Cut

In order to speed up the optimization process we provided possibility to import items instead of typing all manually. This feature is available to our WORKSHOP and FACTORY users. In case you already have items you are about to cut in some other system (e.g. MS Excel), this option will save you time, since you don’t have to type the values twice.

Price Calculation

With price calculation you are able to predict the overall cost and come out with a competitive price to the customer.

Manage Materials

With predefined materials you can pick material from the list when you need it instead of typing all configuration data each time. To be able to predefine materials and use them later in your projects, you have to be authenticated user.


When running the cutting optimization, apart from the cutting scheme you also get the statistics. Overall cost is probably the most important because it tells how much money is needed for this cutting list. Knowing this parameter it, making a price quote for the customer is much easier. Other important parameter is the number of bars you need to order to do the work. Following is the quick explanation about all statistics.