Using Stock Quantites

In comparison to all other Cut Optimizer plans, PREMIUM plan has an option to define quantities for all input lengths. Just as a reminder, the number of input lengths in PREMIUM plan is limited to 6.

You define quantities in Add/Edit material dialog in the similar way as you define multiple lengths — quantities are positive integers separated by slash (/). The order of quantities should follow the order of input lengths.

So, no matter how many input lengths you define, you are able to define the quantities for each of them.

Let’s use a simple example as on the next image:

During optimization process, each bar length is used until its quantity is drained out. In case there are not enough bars available you’ll receive “Out of stock!” message.

As you can see optimization is not possible with the given quantities, so the application advises you to exclude one or more quantities form the optimization. Let’s see what happens if we try to exclude quantity for length 2000.

In this case, you excluded quantity for length 2000, but since items in our example require bars longer than 2000, optimization is still not doable. The message you receive explains that and advises you to excluded quantities for longer bars. This is what happens when we exclude 4000 too.

Optimization finally succeeded! You can see that all 20 bars of length 6500 were used and also 20 bars of length 4000. Since there were only 4 bars available, you need to order 16 more and that’s shown in the parentheses together with a small basket icon. If you wonder why none of length 2000 was used, that’s because side cut waste is greater than zero and since there is a waste, item of 2000 requires bar longer than 2000.

In the header of the grouped results you will also see the small basket and the quantity you need to order.

In case there are plenty of bars, optimization will work same way as when no quantities are defined.

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