Handling Multiple Bar Lengths

For our PLATINUM and GOLD users we’ve added support for more than one input length per material. There are cases when there is more than one length of the same material on the market (e.g. steel bars are produced in 2000, 4000 and 8000 mm lengths, or you can have Aluminum profiles in 288, 252 and 214 inches length). Our smart algorithm will try to find the best combination to achieve highest utilization.

Usage is very simple. Open dialog where you define new or edit existing materials and enter bar lengths separated by the slash (/). The following image illustrates how it should look like:

Note that when defining price for material with multiple lengths, you define bars for the first length in the list (6500 in the example above) and prices for other lengths will be calculated automatically:

After the successful optimization, statistics will show the total number of bars as well as number of bars per input length:

Results will be grouped by bar length and each group will have a blue header with bar length and total number of items needed:

Since the number of input lengths dramatically increases consumption of the server resources, it is limited to 3 input lengths in GOLD plan and 6 in PLATINUM.

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