A bit of a history

My name is Pedja and I’m a professional software developer. Years ago, my brother, a civil engineer, came to me with an idea to create a software that would help him do the cut optimization of Aluminium profiles. He was a manager in a company that was producing aluminium doors and windows. One of his responsibilities was to take care of cutting optimization. The goal was simple — reduce waste and speed up the production process at the same time.

So, even though I wasn’t so experienced developer at a time, I decided to give it a try. He was using MS Excel on a daily basis so, we decided to go with the Excel macro. I soon discovered that dealing with the optimization algorithms can bring you a bit of a headache. But, at the end, I succeeded! My brother was very satisfied too.¬†Suddenly he didn’t have to spend hours on manual optimization. Event for the most complicated cases it actually took not more than 3-4 minutes.

Couple of years ago I decided to share the app with the world for free, hopefully somebody may take advantage of it! And it seems that many people gained benefit using it. This made me think that I should create new, more powerful and more complete solution. So, I ended up building a brand new, online solution for cut optimization.

New cut optimizer

To use it, all you need is the internet access, and account on the website. Though it can also work without the account, it is recommended to create one. With the account, you can create projects, define materials and have history of your previous work. You do the optimization on the server, so you can use the app even from the mobile devices. It doesn’t use local processor resources to do the optimization. You can export data to PDF or Excel or just print it directly. The optimization algorithm is much improved, very efficient and without bugs that still exist in the Excel.

To support further development and hosting, I created paid plans which gives you more possibilities. This is mostly because of the server resources needed for the optimization. With paid plans you have more projects, more predefined materials, more items to cut, support etc. Of course, there will more of these in the future. But, the basic idea of free optimization is still there. You can do the same you could with the Excel app even without registering on the website.

Future plan is to add support for 2D and 3D optimization as well.


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