Aluminum window frames are very popular, especially for big surfaces.

Aluminum profiles have a number of advantages, such as:

• Lightness
• They are strong and steady, so they can’t be broke or bend, especially are suitable for frames with big glass surfaces
• Elasticity for making various shapes and sizes
• Resistance of various weather conditions such as wind, moisture, rain or snow
• Resistance of corrosion
• Long-lasting, so they are an excellent investment over the long term
• Easy maintenance
• Elegant look within wide range of metallic colors
• They are 100% recyclable

Disadvantages of aluminum profiles for window frames are:

• Aluminum is a metal, it is a good conductor of warmth, so aluminum profiles has lower energy efficiency if they don’t have embedded thermo-break
• Bad sound insulation
• Condensation occurrence
• Outside color shine loss
• More expensive to buy